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Vaccine Mandates and The SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine W. Del Bigtree (Free Man Beyond the Wall Peter R Quinones)(Stacie4Truth)(2021-05-05)

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# Description Duration: 1 hours, 1 minutes, 58 seconds Recorded: 2021-05-05 Del Bigtree PG-13 Del Bigtree is an Emmy Award winning producer who worked on the TV The Doctors for 6 years. He is now the host of The Highwire podcast and is the executive producer of the documentary Vaxxed. Stacie4truth asked Pete to join her as co-host for an interview with Del where he talks about his origin story, the landscape for mandatory vaccinations before CV19 and to provide accumulating information on injuries and death due to the CV19 vaccines. # Sauce - 2021-07-15: - # Mirrors - - 720p: - 360p: - Audio only:






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